Will the plan be completely customised for me?

Yes, We will be customizing the program perfectly according to your goals, allergies, likes & dislikes, medical conditions, what supplements you have at home, what equipment you have at home and more in-depth details about you.

How long will it take for my customised plan to be sent?

Before the payment initiation, our team will provide you with the date on which you will receive the program . It will usually take 2-3 days for the program to be sent which will be perfectly created according to your body type.

Will my program be customised according to my medical conditions?

Absolutely, all your reports will be reviewed by our doctors, and then a customised program will be created for you considering all your medical conditions.

How will you understand my body requirements for creating my customised program?

We will be taking your body details and body pictures first. After that, we will be finding your BMR & TDEE range and creating your diet plan based on these values. Workout plans will be based on your previous activity level and current body status.

Will I gain back weight after this program ends?

No, it is scientifically impossible to gain weight suddenly after the program ends because the type of training we do is called metabolic training which simply means to raise the metabolism by 240%.

Gradually we will work on your ghrelin hormonal levels – which makes you hungry and forces you to eat junk food. So with a lot of techniques, we will optimize that hormone and create a long and healthy lifestyle.

The main outlook about the FITX program is to help you lose weight perfectly but not with crash dieting as we are totally against it.

With crash dieting your metabolism will drop extremely so even if you’re eating healthy, your body doesn’t have that capacity to burn that food which in short converts into fats. So in FITX with metabolic training and 4 structured diet plans will be provided (monthly) which will be raising your metabolism. So after the program ends you can eat your normal home food and still be in super shape.

Can I sign-up now and start my program later?

Yes, absolutely. You can sign-up now and become a part of my FITX Family. You can start your program later as per your convenience.

What is the referral policy in your FITX program?

If an active client refers a friend or family member and makes him/her join our FITX program.Our active client will receive Rs 1000/- instantly in his/her bank account OR get one week extra added to his/her ongoing program. The friend or family member who joined our program will receive a variable discount on the purchase of whichever plan he/she wants to join.

What is the money-back policy in your FITX program?

If there is no result or any changes in your body in the span of 30 days, then we will refund the amount within 24 hours itself, But there will be clauses to this: 

  • You will need to have 4 week of excellent report cards for the refund. 
  • If there is any pause or medical breaks or personal issues, the refund is NOT valid.

What is the pause policy in your FITX program?

This feature can be used in case of travelling or if there is an emergency due to which you cannot follow the program. 

  • In the 30 days program you can pause your program for a maximum of 7 days only.
  • In the 3 months program you can pause your program for a maximum of 15 days only.
  • In the 6 months program you can pause your program for a maximum of 20 days only.

I have PCOD/PCOS, will my diet be customised according to my medical condition?

We will take care of Hormonal Optimisation, we will be creating customised diets charts that will manage your FSH and LH along with oxytocin levels, keeping your oestrogen levels in check. We will also provide you with a free video calling with our registered Gynaecologist, to specifically know your issues. So we can create your program accordingly.

Will the doctor's consultations be charged extra?

Except for first time PCOS/PCOD Consultation, the doctor’s consultation will be charged extra.

How will I be communicating with coach Nawaz shaikh?

You will be able to chat with Coach Nawaz on a daily basis through WhatsApp only, to make any necessary fixes or adjustments catered to you and your program. We don’t provide a calling or mailing service. Everything is based on WhatsApp only for personal guidance and quick response.


I am not sure how to do an exercise, where can I get help?

All the links will be perfectly attached to the exercise booklet which is provided to you. Simply click the exercise name and the form video of that particular exercise will open up. If you still have doubts you can direct whatsApp me and I will assist you promptly.

I am a beginner, will I be able to do your workouts?

My workout formats work with any level of fitness. You will be given two workout modes: Cardio mode (Only for those who wants to shred) and Main workout mode which will be divided into three sections beginner | intermediate and advanced. You can switch to either training level depending on your capacity

I’ll walk you through all the exercises and instructions on how to follow them. This means you’ll be able to do all my moves easily, accurately, and safely.

Do I need dumbbells or any types of equipment for this program?

Our FITX program workouts are for 35 to 60 min only. We have three programs which you can choose from :

Gym program, Dumbbell program or body weight (no equipment) program.

It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym or work out at home, the only thing matters is your hard work and input. Give us your 100% and we will give our 200% back. The workouts are in the form of video links customised according to your stamina, strength and weight.

Females: will exercising make me look bulked up? I just want a simple slim body.

Now coming to gaining muscles, females lack in the hormone production of testosterone. So it is not possible at all for you to gain muscles to the level of pro bodybuilders. There will be an increase in the lean muscle mass which looks beautiful, tight and healthy.

I missed a training day, what to do?

It’s ok, you can train the muscle the following day, or cover that muscle group or workout on your rest day.

My gym doesn't have all the equipment to do exercises. What can I do?

That’s fine, we can substitute the exercise with what’s available in your gym.

Example: Barbell squat will be replaced with dumbbell squat or resistance band squat.

Do I follow the training order?

Yes, you will be provided with two workout mode’s: Cardio mode (Only for people who wants to shred) and Main workout mode which will be divided into three sections beginner | intermediate and advanced. You can switch to either training level depending on your capacity.

Do I need to go to the gym for the ultimate physique?

Not necessary, we offer a gym, dumbbells and home workout plans designed according to your body type, lifestyle and goals.

I have an injury and can't train a certain muscle. What can I do?

We will be providing rehab workouts for your injury separately, for better recovery and muscle strength, we will focus on low-intensity workouts for other muscles so we can achieve our fitness goals without straining your injured muscle. If the injury is severe we will pause the program and will add those recovery days as extra in the program.

Do I need rest days?

Yes, rest days are compulsory for optimal recovery and muscle growth. One-two days rest per week will be allowed.

I am sore after my first week, is that bad?

This is called DOMS ( Delayed onset muscle soreness) – it’s the body’s natural inflammatory response, as we push our muscles to their limits, we get micro-tears in the muscle tissue. An accumulation of lactic acid in our muscles also comes with this. With good nutrition and recovery, the tears repair a little bit bigger, firmer and stronger each time we put the muscle under the same stress. This is what we want: putting the body under stress to elicit a response and change

It's not a rest day, but I am sore - can I rest?

As your muscles need time to recuperate and grow, prevailing wisdom states that you should give sore muscles 1 to 2 days of rest before exercising them hard again but know the difference between being sore and being overtrained. Doing a one-hour weight session generally won’t lead to an overtrained state.

How heavy do I have to lift in the gym?

If you are allotted a gym program then lift the weights so you can fail by the end of reps mentioned for each exercise. Example – ( Sets : 4 ) and ( Reps : 15,12,10,8). So lift the appropriate weight for 15 reps in which you can feel the burn and failure by the 13th-15th rep itself. The same goes for other sets as well.


Is the meal plan budget-friendly ?

All the recipes are easy, healthy and budget-friendly. We make sure the diet is home based and very much sustainable. Also, you will be given our FITX recipe book with over 150+ recipe videos so you can never be bored and stay healthy !

Do you provide religious-based plans like a purely vegetarian diet?

Yes, if the client needs a diet plan to be customised according to his changes, we will do that for him/her.

Do I have to take supplements?

The main use of supplements is to fill your basic nutritional body needs. So, if there is any requirement we will provide you with a supplement prescription, But we will also give you natural Ayurveda options.

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